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Soft Wood

Soft woods produce more flames and can burn hotter than hard wood in a shorter amount of time. Great for starting a fire! 

Hard Wood

Hard woods are usually more dense, burn longer, and put off more BTU's (23-30) meaning it will burn hotter for longer. 

Smoking Wood

Smoking woods are great to give your meats a little extra flavor. 

Offering Wood for Home Heating, Cooking / Smoking, Camping and More!

Denver Firewood offers a large variety of woods that appeals to the average home owner, commercial restaurants, and everyone in between.

 Call us to schedule a delivery/pick up or for more information 

Pick ups are by appointment only (Some woods may not be available right away)

Rush orders will add a $100 fee!


(720) 569-6424

11297 W 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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